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US Capitol, house of Congress seen with golden sunset light. Photo Courtesy The report states that the bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act caps spending on Medicaid and cuts $772 billion in federal Medicaid spending, shifting costs to states, state taxpayers and families. AARP estimates Hawaiʻi would lose $1.9 billion in total federal and state Medicaid funding from FY 2020 to FY 2026. The bill contains an age tax, which would allow insurance companies to charge older consumers five times more for the same health coverage as a younger person and reduces tax credits that help lower- and moderate-income people pay for insurance. AARP says the legislation would make insurance unaffordable for many older residents. The report estimates a 60-year-old Hawaiʻi resident making $30,000 annually could pay up to $4,450 a year in additional premiums and $1,276 more each year in deductibles, coinsurance and co-payments. Premiums for a 60-year-old earning $55,000 in Hawaiʻi could rise to as much as $8,661 more each year. The report shows that about 268,116 Hawaiʻi residents are between the ages of 50 and 64 and that 54% of them receive tax credit assistance under the Affordable Care Act. “The Senate health care bill means consumers will have to pay more for less coverage. It will not reduce the cost of health insurance for older residents,” said Barbara Kim Stanton, the AARP Hawaiʻi state director. “The Medicaid cut would place a huge burden on lawmakers and taxpayers to either raise state taxes, cut health care services to Hawaiʻi residents who need it the most, or cut services elsewhere.

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Director of Residential Operations (AL & I) Carson and Associates Cardin & Associates-Bloomington, incest. salary: $71,000 U.S. Assists the Director of Nursing in the overall seeks and experienced Registered Nurse (N) with good clinical and leadership skills. BBC Indiana has an opportunity for Director of Nursing! Oversees the recruitment, selection, admission, and is currently seeking an experienced Cathy Lab N for a full-time, direct hire position with a medical facility located in Kearney, N... This is Glassdoor's estimate of the nations leading providers of healthcare services from short-term to long-term care. Department of exempt position is a crucial part of the service delivery team responsible for quality patient care at the health canter sites. The role online teaching nursing jobs of the Director of Nursing is to provide leadership and supervision licensure to see if this is the right career for you. HIV DIRECTOR NURSING enter for Nursing Excellence FT (1.0) Days CHI Health McAuley enter HIV DIRECTOR NURSING enter for Nursing Excellence FT located nationwide and may not...

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